Terms & Conditions

I understand the following:

My booking fee is non-refundable and that if I wish to reschedule my date I will be required to pay a £100 fee.

If I cancel or fail to notify Alison of a cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the shoot I shall incur a cancellation fee of £250. I may reschedule my shoot once only and must give at least four weeks notice to reschedule.

If I set up a pre-session payment plan and wish to take advantage of the complimentary bonuses I must have the plan paid for in full at least 7 days before my shoot date.

If I set up a payment plan I must have at least 50% of my package fee paid for by or on the day of my shoot.

If I extend a payment plan after my shoot date I will be required to complete a payment plan contract and that I will not receive my photos or products until payment has been made in full.

I agree to terms & conditions provided by Red Bow Photography Limited.